Bitcoin Gemini Review: New and Innovative Trading Software

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Different ways to earn online are popping out in the market and although there are really those that can yield some cash, it is still very notable that bitcoin trading has the most potential with all of these online business ventures. The reason is that, with enough experience and patience, one can really earn big-time with just a few clicks of a button.

But Bitcoin trading can be intimidating to those that are just new to trading. Then what should they do? The answer is by using trading bots. But there are plenty of available trading bots out there and choosing one can be a really tedious task.

Like other people, we also are very curious about this new trading software that seems like they are just spontaneously popping out in the market. We tried and reviewed different trading software, there are really those that can yield profit, there are some that we can say that is just mediocre software. Searching for reliable trading software is never easy but there are times when we get lucky and somehow come across a real gem. One such gem is the Bitcoin Gemini. We tested the software ourselves and we are not disappointed with the results. We made this Bitcoin Gemini Review so that people that are having a hard time choosing the right trading bot can finally decide for once.

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What is Bitcoin Gemini?

Bitcoin Gemini is another trading platform that’s slowly getting more popular in the market. With a success rate of 90%, more traders are taking their time to try the software and the majority of them are satisfied with the results. The Bitcoin Gemini is designed with innovative algorithms, giving it an edge in analyzing the current market status. This algorithm also allows it to seemingly predict the future of the market prices. It was reportedly 0.001 sec ahead of the market movements, making it one of the most accurate trading platforms available. It is also free to use and doesn’t need monthly subscriptions to use. The Bitcoin Gemini

How Do the Bitcoin Gemini Work?

The Bitcoin Gemini software is made and created by its developers with an aim to let both new and veteran traders use it seamlessly. The design is very simple and navigating through the app is very easy. Regardless of the simplicity, the Bitcoin Gemini does not lack features and accuracy. The complex algorithms that are used to create the software are also infused with several real-life trading strategists formulated by real traders. The developers made sure to integrate it very well in the Bitcoin market even though all of the aspects used to create it are based on legitimate forex and stock exchange trading strategies. The powerful calculating power of the Bitcoin Gemini allows it to check on different cryptocurrency exchanges and compare different data that it has gathered in the past. In simple terms, the longer you use the Bitcoin Gemini, the smarter it gets. This self-learning ability of the software enables the great accuracy rate that it has.

Bitcoin Gemini Features

The Bitcoin Gemini has a full load of notable features that made it stand out among other trading bots out there. The developers really made sure to emphasize on various important aspects of a trading bot. Security, accuracy and usability are just among the few good qualities of this trading software.

No Monthly Subscription Fees

There are many other high-performance trading software available in the market but most require costly subscription fees before you can use them. The average cost for trading bots can cost you up to $1000 a month. Regardless of performance, this amount is very intimidating especially for those rookie traders that have a limited amount to invest. However, the Bitcoin Gemini does not require such big amounts to operate. The main objective of trading with BItcoins is to earn money as much as possible and the Bitcoin Gemini sure is one of the most practical trading bots to use for new traders who are afraid to invest large sums of money. Even veteran traders know the fact that gambling $1000 on a trading software is not very wise.

High Success Rates

Several tests were conducted to justify the rumored high success rates of the Bitcoin Gemini. Even for popular trading bots, 90% is just too far-fetched but trade tests done with the Bitcoin Gemini say otherwise. The reason for this high profitability is the way that the software itself is coded. First is that the developers used real trading strategies and integrated it with the algorithm used in the software. These strategies are made and approved by stock exchange traders. Second is the self-learning ability of the software. The Bitcoin Gemini saves all the data that it gathers in a database for future use. The software then uses this past data and compares it with the current market prices, analyzing and formulating future actions based on the speculated market movements among different cryptocurrency exchanges. This also gives it the ability to predict future market prices and take action accordingly to these price swings.

Highly Secure Trading Platform

Since bitcoin trading is 100% internet-based, a trader is highly exposed to different malicious entities like hackers and identity thieves. The developers of the Bitcoin Gemini greatly emphasized this aspect. Their website is enforced with SSL technology that keeps information and user data insusceptible to hacking and identity theft. They also have verification between every transaction with the app.

Automatic Trading

For new traders, bitcoin trading can be a very hard task. There are many aspects in bitcoin trading that need enough research and attention or else you will fail miserably. There are many stories of traders with low experience in trading that instantly regret investing in cryptocurrency trading. However, the Bitcoin Gemini skips all these hectic analysis and complicated calculations by allowing a trader to operate the trading software autonomously. Everything from cross-platform price monitoring, searching and placing trades to data comparison, all is done by the Bitcoin Gemini automatically. But don’t think that you might lose your consent on your trading venture because you can still trade with the Bitcoin Gemini manually. All you have to do is to switch to manual trading and you are good to go. With the Bitcoin Gemini, you are given the freedom to decide whether you do the trading yourself or just leave the trading software all on its own. Additionally, this Auto-Trade feature is also perfect for traders that are not full-time. These are the people that still have other sources of income besides bitcoin trading. You can leave the bot as is while you are out of your home.

Innovative User Interface

Even with high performance and plenty of sophisticated features, the Bitcoin Gemini software still has a very straightforward and easy-to-use design. All of the menus are neatly arranged in a way that even people that have no experience in using trading bots won’t be lost in the software. The settings also include adjustable parameters for trading. You can adjust how much money to trade and you can also set when the Bitcoin Gemini will stop trading your money. It also has a stop-loss feature that lets it automatically stop trading when a certain amount is reached. The stop-loss feature serves a great safety net when the software somehow loses on some trades. The User Guide feature also lists all of the needed information about the trading software and about cryptocurrency trading itself.

High Trust Ratings

Even though it is relatively new, the Bitcoin Gemini is already among the most trusted trading bot out there. The software already garnered positive ratings across other trading bot review sites. We also found plenty of testimonials that claim the Bitcoin Gemini to be as highly profitable as it stated. Some claimed to earn up to $500 per day with just a starting investment of $250. The Bitcoin Gemini is also acknowledged by the U.S. Trading Association as one of the most reliable free trading bots. There are also claims that it was featured on business news programs like Forbes and CNN. However, you may encounter some Bitcoin Gemini Fraud reviews, which we believe are black-hat marketing strategies from other competitors. The trust that this software has received is because of the high profitability that it has and other tests conducted on the software.

Bitcoin Gemini featured in CNN, Forbes

Multi Cryptocurrency Trading

Unlike other trading bots, the Bitcoin Gemini has enough processing power to monitor and gather data from different exchanges. The Bitcoin Gemini can be used to trade Bitcoin, Etherium, Ripple and Monero. Using the Auto-Trade feature, even new traders can simultaneously take part in different cryptocurrency exchanges. The trading software automatically monitors each market.

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Demo Mode

The Bitcoin Gemini offers a way for new aspiring bitcoin traders to experience cryptocurrency trading without the risk of losing money in the process. The Demo Mode is a feature of the Bitcoin Gemini that lets you experience what it’s like to trade with bitcoins. All data and information that is shown in the Demo Mode’s trading window are real and based on the real-time market movements and prices. It also shows the status of different cryptocurrency exchanges at the same time, allowing you to monitor the swings of market values. Use this feature to practice and formulate your own trading strategy without the fear of going bankrupt due to errors and miscalculations.

Real Assistance From Real Brokers

Aside from the user guide, the Bitcoin Gemini also offers an assistance program from real brokers. New traders can receive suggestions and advice from their professional brokers. All transactions are also regulated and supervised by these brokers to ensure security and verification processes. 

Bitcoin Gemini features

Reliable Customer Service

For further information, you can contact their customer service through their website. They also have live chats if you are having issues with the Bitcoin Gemini. The customer service is available 24/7. Issues and inquiries are typically resolved within 48 hours.

Is the Bitcoin Gemini Fraud or Legit?

Bitcoin Gemini fraud or legit?

With enough testing, we concluded that the Bitcoin Gemini is 100% LEGIT. We come across different testimonials of other users that claim to have earned up to $500 per day using the Bitcoin Gemini. There are also other reviews that have positive feedback on the trading bot and we don’t see anything suspicious about the app. Anything that their website claims is the same as the results that we encounter. The software can speak for itself. With an accuracy that can reach up to 90%, we can’t help but try the software ourselves and we can say that we aren’t disappointed.

Does the Bitcoin Gemini Have It’s Own Mobile App?

Currently, it seems that the Bitcoin Gemini has yet to develop its own mobile app. Honestly speaking, we also hope for a mobile app in the future. It will definitely be awesome to monitor your trading portfolio anytime and anywhere you like. However, there are rumors that a mobile app is currently being considered by the developers. But currently, all we can do is enjoy the web software itself.

How Can You Start Trading with the Bitcoin Gemini?

In order to trade with the Bitcoin Gemini all you have to do is create an account and deposit your initial capital. These are the listed steps in creating a Bitcoin Gemini account.

Step 1. Register for an Account

Visit their website and proceed to the registration form on the right side of the page. Fill in all the necessary information. It includes name, mobile number and email address. For extra security, we advise that you provide a strong password.

Bitcoin Gemini website

Step 2. Demo Mode

After filling in all the needed information on the registration form, a verification will be done by the admins of the page. While waiting you can proceed to try their Demo Mode. Demo Mode is a way for new users to try and cope with how the Bitcoin Gemini works. IT also lets new traders know what it’s like to trade with cryptocurrency. There is no risk of losing money here so you shouldn’t be scared of exploring the software. All the data that is shown in the graph is real-time and is based on the current status of the market, so it has its immersive feel on it.

Step 3. Deposit Your Investment

After verification and trying out the Demo Mode, you will be redirected to the deposit window. In order to trade with the Bitcoin Gemini, you will have to provide your own capital investment. The minimum deposit is $250 only, however you can add a little more if you want to. But our advice is to just settle first with the minimum amount and increase your investment when you already earned some money with the Bitcoin Gemini.

Step 4. Live-Trading

Finally, when you receive a notification saying that your deposit is successful, you can now proceed to trade with the Bitcoin Gemini. Live Trading is the real thing and there is risk of losing money here so we greatly advise you to just let the default preferences of the Bitcoin Gemini as is. Since the trading software can operate on its own, you can let it do its job on its own or if you are already used to using other trading bots, you can switch to manual trading if you want to.

Bitcoin Gemini Review: Final Thoughts

There are many ways of earning money online but there is no doubt that Bitcoin trading really is one of the most profitable ways. However, bitcoin trading also has one of the hardest markets to cope with. Unlike forex and stock exchange, bitcoin markets operate non-stop. But with the Bitcoin Gemini, you can freely take part in the trade whenever you want to. The high profitability that the Bitcoin Gemini offers has been recognized already by various firms and institutions. It also gathered enough traction from different famous veteran traders and has plenty of positive reviews from various trading software review websites. The plenty of testimonials that we have gathered also say the same thing about the high earning potential of the Bitcoin Gemini. Although we also came across some Bitcoin Gemini Fraud reviews that speak ill of this reliable software, we think that those are just some under-the-table marketing campaigns from other competitors. We advise you to try the Bitcoin Gemini for yourself if you’re still having second thoughts. The Bitcoin Gemini has a Demo Mode that can help you decide if you will continue using this trading software to earn extra cash. The Demo Mode is totally free so you can assure yourself that there is nothing to lose from trying the Bitcoin Gemini.

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